Saturday, September 29, 2007

moose at bear cut

here is my brave boy after bounding up the steep crooked stairs with no trouble yet he is afraid of my pool stairs! crazy beast!

moose at bear cut

Hewas pretty concerned about this rock!

moose at bear cut

moose went for a swim on the beach behind my lab in miami.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Immersion therapy

It has been raining for days here in Sunny Florida Keys and I don't mean a drizzle... Since Sunday evening it has varied from drizzle to sheets of rain! Moose was hiding out in his storm shelter (the bathroom!) for awhile but I think he has gotten so used to the rain that it is not bothering him as much! Like immersion therapy he has been flooded with the negative stimulus so he is now immune to it! On the other hand he is sooo bored! He has resorted to watching TV! When dogs are on TV he will watch intently for a long time- longer than I have seen any other dog watch!

Friday, September 21, 2007


That stands for quality assurance and quality control. That was Moose's job when I made homemade frosty paws! Plus he helped a lot on cleanup. I made Beef Flavor and Peanut Butter Flavor. Might be a bit too rich but we will see. I stuffed some Kongs with the concoction but I haven't given him one yet... I have a feeling it will be a bit messy!

Monday, September 17, 2007

the latest

Hey Moose fans- sorry for the brief coral spawning tangent and absence- things have been very busy for me (not so much for moose!). I had my first trip since adopting moose- I went to the Bahamas for a few days. While I was gone Moose went to stay with Amanda and Jax. I missed him something terrible! I know he was well cared for and had Jax to romp with but I was so happy to be home!
Other than that Moose has been up to the usual goofiness- he has taught himself a new game. When I am swimming and go underwater I will come up to find him staring at me with something I left on the side of the pool in his mouth. Then it is wag wag wag until I tell him to "drop it" then he runs off with it (hairclip, goggles etc). He is obviously feeling bored and neglected while I am in the pool. I try to play with him with his toys from inside the pool but he must not know he is a retriever b/c he won't bring them back.
This morning I tried to brush his teeth! he loves the beef flavored toothpaste but he is not so keen on the brushing part!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

piddly spawn

not enough! horrible current moon jellies barracuda and suspected drug runners but not enough spawn!


pre-spawn sunset!

guinea pig

Moose taste testing home made frosty paws! He gave it 4 paws up!

Mobile Moose

Today I figured out how to mobile blog! Maybe I will update more now that I can use my phone!


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