Sunday, January 6, 2008

Cold Snap

It was freeeezing here last week (went all the way down to 46F!) so the baby corals in our nursery needed a little extra care. I had to go by to check the water temperature a few times and Moose came along to help. He inspected the tanks but mostly he played with the coconuts while I did all the work!
He has been so extra-snuggly with the cold weather too! He will lie on the couch with me which he usually won't do b/c it is kinda tight for
the both of us! He was actually a bit cold (even in the house- I have no heat!) some of the time and I found him trying to dig up his bed to make it cozier. He even let me put a blanket on him a few times! I have learned though that he will share the couch until you get up then he sprawls out and will not move when you come back! I guess you could say that it is less snuggling with me than tolerating me on the couch! ;-) It has warmed up a little this weekend but he is still snuggly and I hope it stays that way- I have already picked out a bigger couch!


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