Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Momma's new toy

This afternoon the brown box man came by and momma got all excited, not quite kibble time or walkies excited but more like new toy excited. It looked kinda like the loud fur-stealing monster we already had but it must be different because momma definitely does not look so happy when she is playing with that one!

She pulled this one out of the box so I could check it out. At first I thought it must not be a fur stealer because it does not smell like my fur but then she turned it on and it started making noise just like the other one! I was worried it might be a Swedish activated robot dog like Nanook told us about when they got their 'dog tornado'... it even says 'cyclone' on this box. Ruh roh!

I decided to make nice and brought my jug over as an offering. He did not seem interested so I gather he has his sights on my furs but I decided to at least act brave while he is looking!
Welcome to my house. Here is my jug. You can sniff it but it is mine!
Dyson you say? That is a strange name...

Are you a boy Dyson or a girl Dyson?

Between you and me and the fencepost (now that is a story for another day!) I was relieved when he showed no interest in my jug but then to my dismay he went clamoring all around the kitchen for about 3 minutes and, just as I suspected... look at all of my fur he collected and is displaying like some kind of trophy in a case!! Momma can call it the Sooper Sucker but it is still a Fur Stealer to me!


  1. Hi Moose!
    Your vacuum monster has the same name as mine! They must be part of a fur stealing tribe or sumthing! You were very brave to get that close and make a peace offering!
    :) Tibby

  2. We have a similar fur stealer except it says Kenmore on it. I think it must come pre-loaded with fuzz because surely the Mango cannot be leaving that much hair around.

    Just keep your snout away from it is all I can say.


  3. Hey Moose - that sure looks like a scary one, but I hear the commercials and know that it will make your mommy a happy girl.

  4. BARK! Mommy brought 2 of those fur suckers home. Daddy got excited over one of them (the other went away) and kept sucking around our beds for two days in a row. And he was showing off some kind of trophy to mommy and gramma. And it sure smells better than the last one. BARK! Sasha the Princess!




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