Friday, August 27, 2010

My owie

I had to go back to the knee doc yesterday. One time I went to see him and came out a total wreck but since he has good machines there momma convinced me that is where we needed to go. When the doc came in there was a little bit of a hello and how do you do but then he and this other lady wrestled me to the ground and started groping me all over. Holy cow! If you are gonna do that kind of thing I prefer if you buy me dinner first sheesh!
Then they flipped me over and prodded more and that side did not bother me so much. Then I got whisked off to the private room for a photo shoot. Usually I go in there and get all sleepy and come out all loopy, but this time I was awake through the photoshoot. I still won't tell momma what happened in there though.

Anyway, the doc said he thought I got something called a 'groin pull' which is a huge relief if that is right. The photos he took were just to check if everything else was ok and to see if my arthritis was worse which would have suggested it was some problem with my knee afterall. Here are the photos of my knee from my past 4 photoshoots for anyone who wants to see (you can bigify).
Doc says my bone is all healed up from when he broke it before. My arthritis might look a little bit worse but he said nothing too bad. Anyways, I am supposed to not do any crazy cracker dog dances for awhile and no park trips until I am all better. Last night I wiped out and did the splits when momma came home so I guess I see his point. That really hurt! Problem is I tend to forget that when momma comes home or when she has my supper bowl in her hand. Sorry no cute pics. Momma is busy busy busy but wanted to update my pals who were nice enough to be worried about me!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

WTF Wednesday: not again edition

Some of my long time pals may think this is an old picture of me (like this one) but it is not.
I have been walking a little (ok a lot) funny lately and momma is very worried about me. I have no clue why my knee isn't working right again but it is not. It is the same knee that I got fixed awhile ago. I wonder if momma got one of those extended warrantees on it... I think the doc messed up because I have not done anything unusual. I was layzing around quietly and next thing I know it was busted. Let me see if I can think back... It started this past weekend. Sunday was fine.

I hopped in the car on sunday afternoon. 

Momma took Mandy and I to the park. My leg was working fine. 

I strolled around the perimeter as usual, leg was fine. I layzed around by the pool, No worries there!

I waited around forever while Momma yammered on an on with park peoples. Mandy hogged the one good butt-scratcher in the crowd. This is the dude who usually tugs with me so I did not get to play tug, so definitely no leg troubles there. 

There is a people beach there but it was empty and Momma has been wanting to see if Mandy would go in the water so we strolled over for a little dip. 

Will Mandy go in? Yes... That girl will follow me anywhere. Still no leg troubles though.

I could not get rid of her! She was on me like black on a black labradog! Then I thought of a trick...

If I take my tall and long legged loving to get wet self out in deeper water her short stubbyness will have to turn around. 

Yep Worked like a charm! So long Sucka! I strolled around for a bit and there were still no leg troubles.

Then I like suddenly realized I did not have my leash on and decided to do some aqua zoomies! Super fun! So much fun that I don't remember if my leg hurt or not... Momma thinks it did...
She did not notice it at the time either but looking back at this video right after my zoomies it looks like I was limping a bit. Every thing seemed fine when we got home other than the bath I had to endure. THen a few hours later I got up and wouldn't even put my paw down. Momma is very worried. It seemed like I was getting better but then tonight I got a little over excited about dinner time and after that I was limping badly again so she is going to get me to the knee doctor as soon as she can. I really hope he does not decide to cut me open last time. It took me a long time to get right after the last time. Please cross paws for me.  

Also you might have noticed in the 3rd photo that Mandy has a new collar that says 'Adopt Me' on it! Momma is hoping that people will see her face and fall in love and ask about her. Here is a close up: 
Meanwhile I am stuck wearing the same old collar. Momma says I might be getting a new knee though so I guess that is something. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010


My pal Dexter is hosting a contest for black labradogs ONLY! Finally a contest where I have a leg up!

Momma says she is excited about anything that helps the world see how wonderful black doggies can be! Apparently there is something called Black Dog Syndrome that many of you are aware of. It is the phenomenon where black dogs are slower to be adopted and faster to be euthanized in shelters. A double whammy is being a BIG black dog. *Gulp*! You can see this video below that explains it.

Isn't that a terrible thing? Momma has loved black labbies since the first one she met named Maddy. Maddy was later joined by Ebby. I never got to meet either but Ebby (who was part lab and part flat dog) passed over the bridge recently and Momma leaked all over the place and made pathetic sounding noises so apparently Ebby was pretty special.

Then she met Darwin a big 95lb black labbie who is pretty Awesome! Momma loved all of these black doggies so much that when she went to adopt her own dog she was afraid that if she got a black dog she would compare it to these guys and it could never live up to Maddy, Ebby or Darwin. So she decided she wanted a yellow girl labbie but when she went to meet them none of them felt right to her.
Finally she came to her senses and realized it was because she was looking for a big black labbie and if that is what she wanted AND if black labs are always overlooked (everyone wants a yellow lady lab!) then she should just get what she wants so that is how she ended up with ME!  (this is one of the first pictures she ever saw of me- can you blame her for driving 2 hours to meet me?).
So why are us black doggies harder to adopt? Some think it is because we are not as noticeable in dark kennels at the shelter.  (Here is what I might look like behind bars).

Some say it is because people see black as scary. I mean, what is so scary about me trying to catch a snack?  Ok perhaps that is not a good photo to show...

Some say it is because we don't photograph well. Momma claims this is a little bit true and her hard drive is bustin' with 'bad' photos of me. I submit this photo as evidence to the contrary though.

Whatever the reason (and it is probably a combination of things) We big black doggies are more likely to end up homeless and on death row. Some of you may remember TeddyNo (who was on death row when LRRoF snagged him) he was a 'puppy' and it took almost 3 months for him to find a home compared to Bella who took less than 3 weeks!
Ok sure, he apparently got into trouble from time to time but no one even asked to meet him for 3 months! He was an awesome pal who was way more fun than these chubby blonds momma keeps bringing home!
Momma found this site called Start Seeing Black Dogs that has ideas for helping shelters and rescues get us black doggies noticed! I am so excited that Dexter's contest will show the world that we are all unique and wonderful doggies even if some people say we all look alike!

Part of this contest will have the readers match the photo with the name of the black doggie so I need to have momma pick a good photo of my big beautiful black self.  She likes this one but PeeWee says it should show your whole face and this one hides most of my moose-ness.

She also likes this one but thinks since I am holding a Moose in my mouth that it would be too easy to match me up with my name. So she will find a photo that shows off my handsome shiny black Moose self and send that to Dexter. It might even be a never-before seen photo of Moose which is reason enough to check out the contest! If you are a black labradog you should enter because for every entry Dexter is donating some of his tennis ball money to homeless labbies up in Master Chew Sits


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