Saturday, August 13, 2011

Help! Duffy is eating all my snacks!

First things first: I am almost out of snacks cuz my foster pal Duffy is eating them all! I entered a photo contest because they are giving away FIFTY bucks worth of snacks so I really need your help! If you are on Facebook can you go here and click 'Like' under the photo of the most handsome of the 6 hounds? (Hint it is the tall dark and handsome one!). You don't have to fill out a bunch of forms you just have to click here and then click once more to vote. You can only vote once for every account and there is no cheating so every vote really counts!

So I have not blogged in TWO Months! It is terrible! Momma is very busy and has had a terrible flare up of whatcha call 'attention deficit disorder' so she is all scatterbrained and what not.

In my last post you met Duffy who was sick with heartworms- well he is all better now and ready for his furever home! He is possibly the dorkiest labradork there ever was though! Momma is always giving him snacks for doing dorky things which is how I am nearly snackless!
As for me there is not a whole lot that is new. There have been the usual string of countersurfing episodes... toys bought and gutted.... 

... special deliveries... 


and naps. Lots of naps!

You know... the usual! I am gonna try to get Momma to let me blog more so paws crossed that it will not be another 2 months til I get to blog again. I bet if I win a big pile of snacks momma will let me on here so please go vote for me!


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