Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mr Chewy loves me!

I was so excited when Mr Chewy gave me a special offer to review his store! Of course since it sells food I love it but since Momma buys EVERYTHING online I guess she is a little more discerning!
She is always looking for the best price on my food because I eat ALOT but also because my food is expensive. Right now I eat Honest Kitchen Embark along with chickens and fishes but the only pet store in our little town doesn't sell it. So Momma was excited to see that not only does Mr Chewy sell it but he has a better price than she could find before! 
She is also really impatient and wants things NOW so was really happy that not only was shipping free but we ordered on the night of the 21st and it shipped the next day and the brown box man delivered it on the 24th! As usual I got to open it to make sure everything was right!

Yep TWO boxes of powdered turkeys! Perfect! Its suppertime right? No? Surely she bought some snacks? No? Pooh! I totally checked the website and it says they have 275 different kind of snacks! I would like to suggest to Mr Chewy that he should put a small sample of snacks in the boxes for us doggies whose momma's did not buy snacks. I smelled food but got none very disappointing!
Also momma is forever scooping out the last bit of food before it occurs to her to get more so I was thrilled that Mr Chewy has scheduled deliveries and we got an even better price on the first order because we scheduled the next delivery. There is no special deal for the later deliveries which we would like to see so maybe they will add that soon. 
As you probably can tell from the steady stream of homeless doggies that come through the mooselodge we really like to help homeless doggies (I was once homeless!) so we really love that Mr Chewy donates money to them through the referral program but the really good news is that my pals who go there to shop can get 10% off their first order if they use this sooper sekrit code: DEWD6904 Ok its not really secret- tell anyone and everyone and they get 10% off and some homeless doggies get $10!
So thanks Mr Chewy! I can't wait for my next box!


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